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MAPCO pull dowels are slightly oversize, press fit pins that meet or exceed specifications DIN 7979 Type D / ISO 8735 Type B. Pull dowels are generally used for temporarily locating fixtures or assemblies, and are internally threaded on one end for ease of removal and beveled on the other end to assist with installation. Our pins are case hardened to a hardness of 58/62 Rockwell ‘C’, precision ground to a diameter tolerance of +.0001” to +.0003” (nominal plus), and offer a smooth finish to reduce wear and galling during use.

We also manufacture a series of removal/setter tools and attachments designed to assist in the installation/removal process.

If you don’t find the pull dowel size you’re looking for in our store, feel free to contact our sales team. We regularly produce special and custom sizes, and may have surplus of the item your looking for.

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